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Unraveled - Mar 28, 2014

If these six tracks are any example of what she can accomplish, it'll be a bright future for her. Heather has a knack for writing in such a way that you really don’t know what to expect, when. The songs on Unraveled came from a hard breakup, and it’s easy to tell on the simplistic ukelele-focused “Something To You”. “We weren’t the best thing ever done / I knew that I was never the one you wanted to end up with / so it was fun while it lasted / I’m okay with getting nothing / because I know that I meant / something to you”. That’s not the usual response we get from a breakup. Usually we’re frustrated, annoyed, and blaming. But Heather’s refreshing take reminds us of the good times, and focuses enough on it that we’re able to move on. Elsewhere, Heather taps into her jazz side, which is seen regularly in certain songs live, and it’s great to hear the tone show up on “You’ve Got A Way”. And “Wild” is where everything Heather does comes to full fruition, and she has captured such an intimate moment on this song. Her vocals are haunting; and her words cut to the core, describing the growth we all go through regularly. - Justin Mabee, Locals Music