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One of the Nashville pop scene’s brightest new stars
— a review of Walk This Off from Queens of Country

- Walk This Off review from Queens of Country


Heather Batchelor is...

"one of the Nashville pop scene's brightest new stars" (Aileen James, Queens of Country). Originally from Little Rock, AR, she grew up singing in choir while her father taught her to play guitar. Family car rides were a soundtrack of the 60s and 70s.  Artists such as Carole King, Ray Charles, and Natalie Cole felt right at home alongside Sara Bareilles and John Mayer. Fusing pop and soul became a natural instinct for Heather, as did moving to Nashville. In her time in Music City, she has recorded three EPs and several singles, toured regionally, and been featured on Lightning 100 radio station. With her latest single release, “Ready,” this Batchelor is definitely an artist to watch.